Neuroscientist with over ten years of experience studying neurodegenerative diseases

Self-starter and independent researcher/consultant: initiated motor neuron disease research efforts in a pharmaceutical company, managed preclinical target development in multiple startups, and helped create a neurodegeneration challenge network in a foundation

Experienced manager with over five years of experience in leading, supervising and mentoring colleagues and students

Science writer with a passion for promoting STEM education for children and making science and wellness accessible to everyone


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Patent Applications

Ikiz B, LaCroix-Fralish M, Croll SD; “Non-human animal exhibiting diminished upper and lower motor neuron function and sensory perception” US Patent Application 15/072,286; filed March 16, 2016 (non-provisional US application).

Atanasio A, Ikiz, B, Gong G, LaCroix-Fralish ML, Lai VK, Valenzuela DM; “Non-human animals having a disruption in a C9ORF72 locus” US Patent Application 15/165,307; filed May 26, 2016 (non-provisional US application).

Brunie Award for Stem Cell Research, Columbia University

Dean’s Academic Education Grant, Columbia University

Vice Provost Undergraduate Education Grant, Stanford University

Undergraduate Research Program Major Grant, Stanford University

Grants & Awards